STRASBOURG: International Contemporary Art Fair, March 31st- April 2nd 2023

Location: Parc des expositions hall 1, Booth 006

“Meditation in Turquoise, Nr.1” (2023) ink (60x80cm with frame)
“Meditation in Turquoise, Nr.2” (2023) ink (60x80cm with frame) SOLD
“Meditation in Turquoise, Nr.3” (2023) ink (60x80cm with frame)
“Meditation in Turquoise, Nr.4” (2023) ink (60x80cm with frame)
“Europe- A Patchwork of Diversity, Democracy and Peace” (2019) acrylic 120x100cm
“Meditation Nr. 9” (2023) sumi-e (ink) 40x50cm incl frame SOLD
“Meditation Nr. 12” (2023) sumi-e (ink) 40x50cm incl frame
“Left Hanging” Smalti and vitreous glass on textile (2023)

ARTfair Innsbruck, Austria, Oct. 27th-30th 2022

Zen Woman (2022, 100 x 100cm, acrylic and mixed media)
Meditation Nr. X (2022), 40x50cm ink (Photo: Thomas Driendl)
Meditation Nr. VII (2022), 40×50 cm ink
(Photo: Peter Perkmann)

ARTMUC, Praterinsel, Munich, May 13th – 15th 2022

The following two pieces are part of the new “Connected” series, exploring the role nature plays as an agent for humans on their spiritual path towards enlightenment.

Sanna Myrttinen, “Buddha & Lotus”, (2021, 100x100cm, mixed media on canvas)